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The pace of change the healthcare industry has undergone in just the last few years is arguably more than it has ever seen before. This is being driven by newer, superior technology, consumers seeking better services, and changing regulatory policies. Healthcare providers and companies are consequently experiencing significant changes in consumer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. Given the fast changing landscape, healthcare companies and providers need to ensure that the strategic choices they make from a business or technology perspective can meet stated objectives not just for now, but are also adaptable to rapidly changing future business needs.

MatrixIntel’s consultants have the diverse and deep strategy, technology, and solution experiences that we bring to every healthcare engagement. We work with healthcare companies to fuel innovation, deliver better value to consumers, and reduce operating costs for businesses.

Our consultants have the breadth of skills – Enterprise/Solution Architecture, Business processes, Operations, Business Transformation, Program management, and more – along with the knowledge of newer concepts and technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, wearables, and cloud to help our clients leverage the right technologies to drive new business models, improve operating efficiencies, generate revenue growth, and deliver innovative services /products to the market.

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Focus Areas

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Some of the areas we help our clients with:

  • Consumer/Patient communication & engagement
  • Patient self-care including mobility apps
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearables strategy & solutions (including technology, integration, & analytics)
  • Remote Monitoring solutions
  • Clinical trial management
  • Revenue & clinical analytics
  • Systems transformation & modernization
  • Improved member / subscriber QoS
  • Reshape Enterprise architecture (Business, Data, Applications, or Technology) for business efficiency, new offerings, innovation, & leverage newer capabilities such as Big Data Analytics, Cloud services, IoT, etc.)