Co-Founder and Partner

Patrick “PJ” Nelson, Co-Founder and Partner, is an accomplished information technology executive with 20+ years of leadership experience in architecting, designing, developing, testing, operating and supporting mission critical enterprise products and solutions.

PJ has extensive experience in a variety of leadership, functional and technical areas such as:

• Enterprise Architecture
• Enterprise Software Development
• Revenue Assurance
• IT Governance
• Innovation Labs
• Digital Asset Management
• Big Data
• M2M / Internet of Things

• Wireless Telecommunications
• CRM / Multi-Channel Self Service
• Product Catalog
• Order Management & Fulfillment
• Usage / Event Rating
• Billing
• mCommerce
• Middleware Services, SOA, BPM

Prior to joining, PJ held senior executive leadership positions in companies such as
NetCracker/NEC, Convergys Information Management Group, Verizon Wireless, Alltel
Communications and Alltel Information Services. He has leadership experience in most all IT domains including program/project management, enterprise architecture, product
management, solutions development/delivery, professional services, product innovation and service/quality assurance portfolios.

PJ has experience in partner management and was responsible for managing technology product suppliers in all of these roles. He has executed key corporate wide initiatives and implemented strategic enterprise architecture roadmaps. PJ has represented the companies he has worked for at numerous conferences. Additionally, he was nominated as a competition finalist at The Cable Show 2012 CIO-IT competition presenting Cable Solutions via SOA and the Cloud.

PJ’s unique leadership experience positioned him to influence many critical B/OSS business decisions on both the carrier/operator and product/solution provider sides of business'. He is known for his ability to influence, and drive, next generation business and technology solutions taking business’ to the next level.

PJ holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

Co-Founder and Partner

Chickoo Chawda is an accomplished Information Technology executive with over 17 years of experience in architecting, managing, and delivering mission critical enterprise products and solutions.

He provides consulting and advisory services specializing in a variety of areas:

• IT Business Strategy & Execution
• Enterprise / Solution Architecture
• Product Management & Development
• IT Management & Roadmap planning
• Business/Operations Support Systems (B/OSS)

• CRM, CIS, Billing, Rating, Order Management
• Business Process Management Systems
• SOA, ESB, and Middleware Services
• Cloud Computing, Mobile apps, IoT
• Big Data and Analytics

Most recently Chickoo has co-founded MatrixIntel, a Technology consulting, Solution Engineering, and Outsourcing services provider. MatrixIntel is focused on Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, Telecommunications, and Energy solutions for the hyper connected and information centric industries such as Telecommunication, Utilities/Energy, and Logistics. As a partner and senior executive his responsibilities include business development and operations for MatrixIntel in addition to providing consulting and solution development services to MatrixIntel’s clients across North America.

Chickoo provided advisory services to senior executives (CxOs) and guided their efforts to execute strategic IT transformation projects. These projects covered a broad range of companywide initiatives to modernize enterprise architecture, improve quote-to-cash processes, enable business process orchestration, and provide consistent omni-channel customer experience.

Further, Chickoo has held various leadership positions at NEC/NetCracker and Convergys Information Management Group. At NetCracker he was the principal solution architect for some of NetCracker’s largest Telco and Cable customers. Additionally, he created the architecture blueprint and solution approach for NEC-NetCracker’s leading edge Software Defined Networking (SDN) based offerings for Telco providers thereby laying the foundation for an entirely new line of business.

At Convergys he was the global head of Advanced Technology Enablement group, where he was responsible for managing all aspects of product management, architecture, engineering, vendor management, delivery services, and partner management for new product initiatives. He played an instrumental role in driving the introduction of business process management capability and business services orchestration within Convergys’ SmartSuite product portfolio. He was awarded the Achieving Convergys Excellence (ACE) Individual Award in recognition of technology thought leadership and innovative solutions.

He has consistently been recognized for his unwavering customer focus, leadership, and collaborative work style. He is passionate about driving new initiatives from ideation to delivery.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal and an MBA from University of California, Haas School of Business.

Co-Founder and Partner

Vishwas Bongirwar is an accomplished Telecom and IT Expert with ~20 years of leadership experience in consulting and delivering solutions to Telecom, Cable, Retail, Media and Entertainment companies around the globe.
Vishwas is a Co-Founder and Partner at MatrixIntel where he leads Consulting and Solution Delivery in following areas:

• CRM, Order Mgmt, and POS systems
• Billing and Payment solutions
• eCommerce/mCommerce solutions
• ERP and Supply Chain solutions

• Big Data and Streaming Analytics
• Wearables, IoT solutions
• Digital Content Mgmt/Delivery solutions

Prior to co-founding MatrixIntel, Vishwas held various leadership positions in companies such as NetCracker/NEC, Convergys, Verizon Wireless, Alltel Communications, and British Telecom. Vishwas’s leadership experience covers a wide range of roles at various Telco and B/OSS vendor companies. Eg: He’s led organizations like Program management, M&A, Architecture, Product management, Development, Professional services, Hosting/Managed operations services, Incubator labs, and Vendor/Supplier management.

In his most recent role, before co-founding MatrixIntel, Vishwas led the Global Solution Architecture organization at NetCracker - a team of 40+ architects and subject matter experts who design IT and Network solutions for Telcos, Cable & Media, and Energy Companies around the globe. Solutions spanned across BSS, OSS, Data Center, Cloud, Network, and numerous related areas like Security, Operations, and Process Transformation. Vishwas had the final architecture/design review & signoff responsibility for every solution that was proposed/implemented at the client site. There were no failed/unsuccessful implementations during his tenure.

During the past couple of years, Vishwas has personally provided Sales Support and led/co-designed solutions for opportunities at every Tier 1 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) Telecom provider and several Top 10 Cable companies (TWC, BHN, Cox, etc) in the US. In addition, he has also provided Sales Support and co-designed solutions at Tier 1 Telcos and Cable companies globally (eg: BT, Telefonica, Telstra, DTAG, America Movil, UPC/LGI, Virgin).

Taking example of one such Tier 1 Telco client in NA, Vishwas provided Sales Support, Engineering and Architecture assistance to the Sales/Account Mgmt team in selling over $50M of solutions and services:

• Participated is the sales of Networking products, and led the design of industry first trials/implementations for their SDN (eg: first Data Center and Cloud SDN Networks in NA) and NFV (eg: first vEPC in NA) initiatives
• Helped sell and design custom Media Optimization extension solutions(related to QoE mgmt, Congestion mgmt, explored some Bandwidth shaping techniques for DASH videos)
• Led the design of several BSS/OSS system evolution strategies and provided sales and implementation support for several projects related to this customer’s Fiber Transport network evolution plan (that carries all kinds of traffic including their Video, On-demand services, Mobile, M2M and other partnership traffic).
• Assisted in selling and designing the largest Online Charging and policy mgmt. solution for a Wireless Carrier in NA (over 120M subscribers on a single platform)
• Assisted with sales and designing solutions for Sales Force Automation, for the Enterprise division of this Telco (Mobile apps for Enterprise Sales teams, Streamlining CRM and Order Mgmt for their Cloud and Connectivity offerings)
• Participated in the sales process as well as led the implementations of numerous custom solution engagements for Network Performance Mgmt improvement using Big Data (Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm, Spark) and Analytics (Vertica, OBIE, R) tools.
• Supported the sales organization with several other pitches related to Offer/Retention Mgmt, M2M Order Mgmt, and Enterprise Order Mgmt.

Vishwas has executed key Innovation initiatives and implemented strategic M&A related initiatives roadmaps for large Tier 1 Telcos. He’s also contributed at various standards bodies (eg: TMF, ETSI, ONF, CAEAP, etc) and been a speaker/panelist at numerous conferences. He has also co-authored a book on Enterprise Architecture.

Vishwas holds a Computer Engg Degree from the University of Mumbai, India. And an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta

Matt Burke
Vice President of Delivery
Matt Burke is a seasoned IT Delivery Expert with over 20 years of hands-on and leadership experience in all facets of the Software Development Lifecycle including requirements, design, development, testing, integration and production operations. Matt has broad, and comprehensive, experience in various leadership, functional and technical areas such as:

• Program/Project Management
• Product/Application Management & Development
• IT Management & Roadmap planning
• Systems and Data Conversions
• Billing, CRM, ERP, Rating, Order Management

• Omni-Channel
• eCommerce/Self Service (SEO, Content Mgmt, User Experience)
• Quality Assurance
• Systems Management, Performance and Support

Prior to joining MatrixIntel, Matt held various leadership and delivery positions at Verizon Wireless, Alltel Communications and Alltel Information Services. These positions covered a wide range of disciplines such as development, systems/data conversion, product management, quality assurance, productions operations and project management. In his most recent role, Matt was responsible for Application maintenance, Quality Assurance and Production Operations for

In addition, Matt has a proven track record of challenging the status quo to improve business processes and reduce time to market without sacrificing quality.

Other noteworthy accomplishments Matt has achieved over the years include:
• Identified the need and drove the implementation of a Web Content Management system for Verizon Wireless resulting in improved time to market and website consistency
• Guided Verizon Wireless to implement a 24x7 production operations organization for the eCommerce and digital platforms
• Established and directed the Enterprise Quality Assurance organization for Alltel Communications
• Delivered system enhancements and data conversion in support of Alltel Information Services Philippine client

Matt was the recipient of the 2013 Verizon Wireless IT Leadership award for excellence in Operational Support and Quality Assurance. Additionally, in 2011, he received the first ever Vice President Award of Excellence presented to an IT Leader from business partners.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science along with a minor in Computer Information Systems from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.