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MatrixIntelligence provides enterprise architecture, solution architecture, and strategic planning services. More than ever before, a solid IT backbone is critical to every business. Yet more often than not as businesses grow, IT processes and infrastructure are unable to keep up with rapidly changing business needs causing inefficiencies, costly investments, or suboptimal alignment between business and IT. The close inter-alignment of business strategy, planning, operations, and automation along with technological infrastructure is necessary for businesses to thrive in increasingly competitive markets.

MatrixIntelligence’s enterprise architecture consulting services lets you tap into highly experienced practitioners who have successfully built and shaped architecture practices that are unique to each business’ needs. They have both the business acumen as well as the depth and breadth of technological knowledge needed to establish, transform, or modernize a business’ Enterprise Architecture.

We can not only optimize your business and IT strategies but also provide you with a clear, actionable roadmap whereby both business and IT can fuel each other’s strategies. Our consultants are well versed with each sub-component of Enterprise Architecture – Business, Application, Data / Information, or Technology Architecture. In other words, we can focus on specific areas that need most attention from your business’ perspective.

Unlike most other consultants, our approach is to blend in with the team, quickly understand the challenges from different perspectives and stakeholders, and then tailor our recommendations and solutions to the unique needs of your business. While we have strong understanding and grounding in industry standard architecture frameworks, we don’t simply use generic approaches or apply cookie-cutter solutions. We believe our reputation and accomplishments have come from successfully tackling the complexities specific to each of our clients.

Enterprise Architecture Areas

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Client Engagements & Recommendation

  • Increasing return on IT investments by better aligning them to business needs
  • Streamlining business processes & applications to reduce overall IT costs
  • Leveraging newer technologies such as Mobility, Internet of Things, Cloud, & Big Data to better engage with employees & consumers
  • Improving the agility of IT to respond to changing business needs
  • Enhance the ability to innovate and deliver newer products & services to the market