Internet of Things

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MatrixIntelligence Technology Consulting - Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

MatrixIntelligence provides consulting services for a broad range of solutions and platforms to connect devices, systems, and services seamlessly across a variety of protocols, interface points, and controllers. As the world becomes increasingly connected, our focus is helping our clients achieve new revenue streams and enhanced end user experiences. There are many new exciting technologies enabling clients to offer their customers new products and services such as smart wearable devices, smart home solutions, connected cars, intelligent shopping and many more.

We are excited to help our clients grow their business leveraging IoT technologies to provide new products, service offerings, and most of all, enhanced end user experiences.

IoT Areas

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Value Added Services and Solutions
  • Using a variety of event driven/service oriented integration paradigms to create M2M solutions for Telecom, Cable, & Media markets
  • Using sensors to track/monitor assets, customers, payments, & other smart objects for Logistics & Industrial operations improvement
  • Smart city, smart grid, & e-Meter solutions
  • Intelligent shopping & product management solutions
  • Telematics & automotive/travel solutions
  • Home automation & entertainment solutions
  • Wearables to track Life/Health/Experience metrics & alert Patients, Caregivers, & Healthcare professionals