September 4, 2014 miadmin

Vishwas Bongirwar

Vishwas Bongirwar is an accomplished Telecom and IT Expert with ~20 years of leadership experience in consulting and delivering solutions to Telecom, Cable, Retail, Media and Entertainment companies around the globe.
Vishwas is a Co-Founder and Partner at MatrixIntel where he leads Consulting and Solution Delivery in following areas:

• CRM, Order Mgmt, and POS systems
• Billing and Payment solutions
• eCommerce/mCommerce solutions
• ERP and Supply Chain solutions

• Big Data and Streaming Analytics
• Wearables, IoT solutions
• Digital Content Mgmt/Delivery solutions

Prior to co-founding MatrixIntel, Vishwas held various leadership positions in companies such as NetCracker/NEC, Convergys, Verizon Wireless, Alltel Communications, and British Telecom. Vishwas’s leadership experience covers a wide range of roles at various Telco and B/OSS vendor companies. Eg: He’s led organizations like Program management, M&A, Architecture, Product management, Development, Professional services, Hosting/Managed operations services, Incubator labs, and Vendor/Supplier management.

In his most recent role, before co-founding MatrixIntel, Vishwas led the Global Solution Architecture organization at NetCracker - a team of 40+ architects and subject matter experts who design IT and Network solutions for Telcos, Cable & Media, and Energy Companies around the globe. Solutions spanned across BSS, OSS, Data Center, Cloud, Network, and numerous related areas like Security, Operations, and Process Transformation. Vishwas had the final architecture/design review & signoff responsibility for every solution that was proposed/implemented at the client site. There were no failed/unsuccessful implementations during his tenure.

During the past couple of years, Vishwas has personally provided Sales Support and led/co-designed solutions for opportunities at every Tier 1 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) Telecom provider and several Top 10 Cable companies (TWC, BHN, Cox, etc) in the US. In addition, he has also provided Sales Support and co-designed solutions at Tier 1 Telcos and Cable companies globally (eg: BT, Telefonica, Telstra, DTAG, America Movil, UPC/LGI, Virgin).

Taking example of one such Tier 1 Telco client in NA, Vishwas provided Sales Support, Engineering and Architecture assistance to the Sales/Account Mgmt team in selling over $50M of solutions and services:

• Participated is the sales of Networking products, and led the design of industry first trials/implementations for their SDN (eg: first Data Center and Cloud SDN Networks in NA) and NFV (eg: first vEPC in NA) initiatives
• Helped sell and design custom Media Optimization extension solutions(related to QoE mgmt, Congestion mgmt, explored some Bandwidth shaping techniques for DASH videos)
• Led the design of several BSS/OSS system evolution strategies and provided sales and implementation support for several projects related to this customer’s Fiber Transport network evolution plan (that carries all kinds of traffic including their Video, On-demand services, Mobile, M2M and other partnership traffic).
• Assisted in selling and designing the largest Online Charging and policy mgmt. solution for a Wireless Carrier in NA (over 120M subscribers on a single platform)
• Assisted with sales and designing solutions for Sales Force Automation, for the Enterprise division of this Telco (Mobile apps for Enterprise Sales teams, Streamlining CRM and Order Mgmt for their Cloud and Connectivity offerings)
• Participated in the sales process as well as led the implementations of numerous custom solution engagements for Network Performance Mgmt improvement using Big Data (Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm, Spark) and Analytics (Vertica, OBIE, R) tools.
• Supported the sales organization with several other pitches related to Offer/Retention Mgmt, M2M Order Mgmt, and Enterprise Order Mgmt.

Vishwas has executed key Innovation initiatives and implemented strategic M&A related initiatives roadmaps for large Tier 1 Telcos. He’s also contributed at various standards bodies (eg: TMF, ETSI, ONF, CAEAP, etc) and been a speaker/panelist at numerous conferences. He has also co-authored a book on Enterprise Architecture.

Vishwas holds a Computer Engg Degree from the University of Mumbai, India. And an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta