We offer first in class end to end technology consulting, solutions development and delivery along with managed technology services.

MI has experience across many industries such as Telecom, Oil and Gas, Utilities, FinTech, Supply Chain, Retail, e-Commerce, Media, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aviation + more.

Software Architecture and Consulting Services

Our highly experienced technologists enable PCs/VCs, start-ups, Fortune 500 and many more clients to make the right decisions regarding their technology choices and investments.

Solutions Development
and Delivery

MI collaborates with clients to build actionable, predictable and ROI based technology products and solutions.

Managed Technology

We operate, maintain & support our client's solutions/platforms in addition to offering a Build-Operate-Transfer (BoT) model.

We take pride in helping our clients accelerate their technology implementation while also reducing the the technology risks for thier most complex initiatives and $MM digital transformations. To accomplish this, our mindset and implementation practices are aligned with the startup culture of lean operations and rapid delivery.